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The effects of MLDV on brain damage : Case reports




The aim of these case reports is to examine the effect of MLDV on brain damage patients. When there is damage in the brain as result of injury, a problem with blood supply or meningitis, there will be an inflammation process in the brain that will produce excessive fluid in the brain that will increase intracranial pressure.

To prevent further damaging in the brain and to stimulate recovery process, intracranial pressure must be reduced. A MLDV–therapist is able to reduce it using Manual Lymph Drainage ad modum Vodder (MLDV).

There were 2 brain injury patients, 2 post operative haemorrhagic stroke patients and 1 meningitis patient who was given MLDV (basic + pallatum). The progressing of recovery of these patients were evaluated and monitored by evaluating the speed of consciousness and motor function recovery.

The result of the study showed that in average the patient became conscious at the 4th treatment and they regain their motor function at the 10th treatment.

Conclusion: Although these case reports showed that MLDV could stimulate the recovery process of brain damage, we can not take scientifically conclusion yet because we still have a lot of limitation in these case reports. It still needs a lot of research with better methodology and using control trial.

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